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Orientation In The Kitchen


Appreciate some advice regarding orientation in my kitchen.

From the attached picture, my washing machine is directly facing my kitchen stove. Some guests who have visited my home commented this is not good in feng shui as fire and water elements clashes, it will result in disagreements within the family members. Pls advice if this is true? If it is, appreciate if you could advice me some measures I can take besides shifting the position of my washing machine(cos' no space lor).

Besides the above, is the orientation of my kitchen ok from your point of view?

Kitchen Layout...
Kitchen Layout...

Reference Forum Message:

Kitchen is the domain of the lady of the home

1. The stove is suppose to be the domain of the lady of the house (apartment).

2. It is important to understand the sitting and facing direction of a stove. And whether it is suitable to the lady of the house.

3. In general, between a three hob or four hob stove, often the four hob stove is a better option.

4. Attachment shows illustration to find out whether a stove positon suits the lady of the house or not.

A Practical Approach to Feng Shui...
A Practical Approach to Feng Shui...

Does the size of the kitchen matter?

A Judge says: Meet my finance minister!

At home: My wife is the Minister of Finance! And I am the minister without any portfolio! Especially if the proportion of her kitchen is larger than the entire living room area of the home. The bigger the kitchen, the more powerful your wife is at home! So watch out!

Size of the kitchen...
Size of the kitchen...

Even the Judge became han-pecked at home!

Size of the kitchen...
Size of the kitchen...

Fire At Heaven's Gate & General Compass Directions

1. Check to see if the kitchen especially the stove is not at the NW compass direction: as this is known as "fire at heaven's gate".

2. NW trigram belongs to the male head of the house. And it also represents Heaven Luck.

3. General Compass School concept:-

3.1 Kitchen located at South (fire) sector of a home

If so, no issue with a stove facing a water position. Considered as enough fire in the kitchen thus even if the stove face a "water" position, still sustainable.

3.2 Kitchen located at north (water) sector

Stove already in a "cold" location and facing a water position is even more adverse.

4. The Five Elements concept: Contrary to popular beliefs:-

4.1. Many felt or thought that a fridge is considered as a water element. However, many professional FS practitioners felt that it should be considered as a Metal element. Thus, if the kitchen needs more metal, a larger fridge is a better choice!

5. Think about it:

5.1. What do you think the washing machine - element is? So if the English name has washing or "water" in it, does it necessarily mean that the washing machine belongs (or totally belongs to the water element?)

5.2 In addition, there are generally two "types of washing machine". The one in the picture is the top loading "normally" the Japanese (Korean) type of washing machine.

5.3 There is also the side loading (with glass window) European - Italian, French and other Europe country type of washing machine. So weigh all these carefully.

6. More importantly, the location where the washing machine sits is also critical for both health and wealth (welfare) in a home. And even things like the dustbin location is critical. Put on your thinking caps and start to imagine.... now...

Size Of Kitchen And Zheng Guan (Authority)

1. Often we hear our wifes say "Our kitchen is so small".

2. The Feng Shui Smart Husband would openly say "Yeah, what a pity!". But in his heart, he will be laughing away towards zanadu!

3. This is because under the Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, size matters. For example, if one's living room is overly large over the rest of the home, then, it is said that the male breadwinner would be over-assertive.

4. Here, under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, if your husband were to read this, it would make his day! Since your kitchen is so tiny!

5. Thus, instead of the lady of the house becoming "the Minister of Finance" of a home; while the husband suppose to be the Minister without portfolio, he has a chance to redeem himself! As your kitchen is tiny, you are no longer or cannot pull his ear, anymore! Phew!

6. For info, this may not be true, if your Zheng Guan or Authority under the ba zi is much higher than his.

6.1 For example in this sample ba zi report of a female, Her Ten Deities and Key Characteristics Chart shows her authority or Zheng Guan as 2. And if say the husband's Zheng Guan is less than 2 e.g. 0, then you can still be the reining "Minister of Finance" and he without the portfolio....

Please see attachment circled in RED.

A Practical Approach to Feng Shui...
A Practical Approach to Feng Shui...

Meet The REAL Minister Of Finance @ HOME!

Even GAY couples... have a distinctive role to play in a home

One has to be YANG, the other has to be YIN.

One controls all the finances, the other.... is just but a han pecked "Husband" Is your life same as this two couples?

Advice for MAN: Make sure your next home's kitchen is TINY!

Advise for FEMALE: Go get a home with both a WET and DRY Kitchen! (But avoid TWO STOVES will do!)


Can A Bed Share The Same Wall As The Stove?

Can A Bed Share The Same Wall As The Stove?

These are more links that you can go thru to find out more "taboos" about the stove and oven:-

Goto this url:
A bed sharing the same wall as the stove...
A bed sharing the same wall as the stove...

Oven Or Stove Facing Windows

A stove facing a bedroom...
A stove facing a bedroom...

A stove facing a bedroom...
A stove facing a bedroom...

Illustration of facing direction of oven or stove...
Illustration of facing direction of oven or stove...
Illustration of facing direction of oven or stove...
Illustration of facing direction of oven or stove...

Goto this url:

Height of Stove & Sink

Reference forum msg:

Traditionally, Feng Shui practitioners may advise their clients to place the sink slightly higher than the stove.

Today, this is still done. But, in Singapore, there are now at least over more than 2,500 condominium developments with at least over 30,000 units. And majority if not all condo kitchens have the stove and sink at the same height or level! As those who stay in a condominium are considered as "middle income or higher" this is a consideration for not following "past" tradition.

In the past...
In the past...


1. In my opinion, you have to weigh what I had mentioned earlier, such as:-

1.1. Sitting and Facing direction of stove to the female "boss" of the home 1.2. Sector in which the stove is in. 1.3. And other points that I had mentioned earlier on.

2. Traditionally, in the past, often the sink would "sit" higher than the stove. For example, the height of the stove is often at 34 inches while the sink is higher or greater than 34 inches to not more than 35 inches. This will coincide with the auspicious measurements found on the Feng Shui ruler.

3. However, in modern times (especially) in Singapore, where there are already more than 2,000 condos x at least 200 units on average. Many of these or all condo kitchen cabinets are all levelled where the sink and stove are on the same height e.g. 34 inches. Kitchen cabinet width is always a standard Feng Shui ruler auspicious length of 2 feet depth.

4. As mentioned, in an earlier message, the fridge should be considered as belonging to the metal element. Thus, some Feng Shui pracitioners felt that if the home e.g. kitchen need more "metal" element, the bigger the fridge is. (This is distinct from the colour of a fridge). Thus normal fridge that are covered in brush steel or white or off-white should be considered as belonging to the metal element. Unless of course you have an unusual colour such as red, then the colour will represent more often the fridge.

5. As your washing machine seems to be the top loading, more the better since, the stove does not really "meet" water when it is pumped up for washing clothes. Otherwise, quite alot of the material of the washing machine is "metallic". Even hard carbolite plastic may be considered as belonging to the metal element.

6. Under the Five Elements concept, especially your kind of washing machine should be overall considered as belonging to the metal element. And fire (stove) can burn or melt metal (washing machine) thus acceptable.

7. It is the other issues like, being unfortunate if the washing machine is found to occupy say the water wealth (Flying Star water star #8). Turning on the washing machine inadvertently, would ruffle the water wealth star.

8. It is this factor, that is more of a concern than say the "artificial" concern of stove facing a washing machine. Often this can be lived with since, you had mentioned that your kitchen is small and thre is really no way one can re-locate the washing machine!

9. Thus in practising Feng Shui, if one cannot really do much in a kitchen then try to "maximise luck" from elsewhere in a home!

10. There are many key success factors in Feng Shui and one of them has to do with:-

P.S. In my opinion, many of the european brand of washing machines e.g. those side loading should also not pose a problem as the glass opening is often below the stove hobs. Furthermore, some even stack a dryer on this washing machine!

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